What are Pending offers and Added To Expert Level Balance?

Last Updated: 3 months ago

Handbucks is currently offering the highest rewards for completing offers and surveys. In order to maintain these generous rewards for our genuine and loyal users, it is essential for us to implement a holding system. This system will temporarily withhold specific offers and surveys for up to 15 days, depending on factors such as their reward amount, offer type, user score, and other indicators.

Offers and Surveys completed on Lootably are instantly added with no holding or delay no matter how big the amount is.

As you may be aware, offer and survey providers often have a chargeback mechanism in place to address low-quality or fraudulent submissions. Because of this, we cannot predict when an offer might be charged back. We explored two potential solutions to mitigate this risk: reducing the rewards offered or implementing a holding period. Ultimately, we have chosen the latter option as it allows us to provide higher income opportunities for our genuine users. We believe in rewarding our authentic users with more substantial rewards.

When you complete an offer or survey, a portion of the reward is added to your balance either immediately or after a pending or holding period. Additionally, a portion of the reward is allocated to your Expert Level Balance. You may be wondering, what exactly is this Expert Level Balance?

The Expert Level Balance represents the balance that you will receive once you achieve expert level status as a user. To learn more about our level system and how it works, please visit the following link: https://handbucks.com/guides-and-announcements/1.

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